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What does an argue it mean it means your informed opinion but here’s some of the others a thesis I just think any moment now a whole batch of new first years are going to be arriving into our faculty and they didn’t expect throughout a thesis for their first essay okay that’s sort of kind of reasonable yeah I used to that one this one I would find real I’m not really any further on than I was before and I love that one that final one yeah these were all good people and I’m sure with students push them the students would have got a lot more information but I think a major reason for our second-year students for example being confused about expectations is that staff weren’t all using the same language when they talk to them.

Well let’s just have a quick look at a sort of political science or sociology kind of essay why did labor win in 2007 when you can summarize your argument in one sentence you know you’ve got one and that’s very handy if you can write an answer to your essay question in one sentence you’ll know you’ve got an argument but the next step of course is to flesh it out make it have bones and structure and show that you’ve tested against alternate ideas so those would be key words that you would highlight in your thinking at any rate so it’s it’s the reason the argument plausible looks at alternatives and it’s grounded in the evidence now grounding in the evidence leads us to documentation flipped over so what sort of evidence counts it’s got to be relevant now for example if I were writing about the reasons why labour won in 2007 I know where I go I go straight to the Australian election survey and I’d look at that because that is relevant evidence it’s a big survey that’s done immediately after the election by people at the Australian National University and after the passage of a few months they very nobly prop it up on the social science data archive website and anyone can go and get it assuming you know how to use the SPSS program which is not really as hard as it looks.

But that would be relevant a say with relevant relevant and relevant evidence because it’s asking people who did you vote for and why did you vote that way or you could look at electorates around the count of the the country you could go to the Australian Electoral Commission website and you could look for a fluent electorates and pour electorates and try to work out whether there was some class-based story that might work but the crucial thing well there are two crucial things about your evidence it’s got to be relevant obviously and other people must be able to check it so it’s not something your great-aunt Maisy told you that she always voted this way and that was the reason and she just couldn’t.

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