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Team Fortress Classic is a classic. A classic. Did you know Team Fortress is responsible for starting team play in online games? And also introduced drivable vehicles? The online community has so much to be thankful for.

Gameplay: You choose from 2 different tribes to play from. You are loyal to your tribe. But it doesn’t stop there. You can also choose from several class systems within a tribe, among them Medic, Soldier, Team Captain, Radio Operator, and Pilot. You work together playing off your strengths and weaknesses to capture the others teams flag and get points. Sometimes, you can be a scout and get the flag over and over so you get the most points on your team then when the map is over you can say “I win.” and mean it. Who can argue with the guy with the most points? Now you feel good about yourself and can demand respect from fellow players. This is very rewarding to know you are better than everyone else. Next time someone insults you in public like at the mall just look at that guy and say “And what was your final score on rock 2? Ya that is what I thought you n00b!” and walk off. Drivable vehicles are fun! In cs_siege the Allies can get in the tank and storm the bunker where the Axis are holding hostages! I hate it when my teammates drive off into the canyon. If you play as an engineer you can build a fence around the canyon to keep this from happening but it takes valuable resources away from fighting the enemy. I love the weapons in the game. The Flak Cannon is my only complaint, the spread isn’t too wide and the pieces bounce all over the place you can’t even hit a sandcrawler with that thing. What a waste!

Graphics: Graphics are tolerable by today’s standards, but compare them to the games that were out when Team Fortress was first out (Unreal, Quake 3) they are amazing and blow those games graphics out of the water! 2fort is the most copied map ever. The second best Team Fortress map is de_dust.

Sound: Sound is great. Sometimes when there is an explosion the sound stutters to realistically emulate what happens to the human ear during a concussion. I have heard Team Fortress on other people’s computer and their sound doesn’t stutter. I wonder why they turned it off? That is so silly.

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