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The game is addictive, realistic, and cool. It takes place in World War II, Europe. Sudden Strike is about defending, attacking, killing and winning. The game gets boring after a long time. Gameplay: Sudden Strike is one slice of a game. You really need strategy to win. Protect the Volga bridges from the Nazis or land the invasion of Normandy that happened decades ago. There are two things I dislike about Sudden Strike, 1)The units cross bridges dumbly, and 2)Soldiers who you command to cross a valley full of corpses actually LISTEN and get themselves KIAed. The game is easy to control and has thousands of units you control. AI can be bad. Graphics: The graphics can be awesome. The Dutch-like European houses and farms, light, white snow terrain, and dark forests. The brown, dirty craters after battle, the LSTs, everything looks good. Sound: The sound is beautiful in Sudden […]