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The turn comes out Jc, so now the board reads 10s-7d-5h-Jc, you decide to stay aggressive because you feel like at best now your opponent has middle pair and or a draw and with the right bet you can get him to fold. So you bet out in front of him 10$, he pauses for a moment calls your 10$ and re-raises you 5$ more. Now you really hate your hand but your poker instinct and pot odds is telling you to call his re-raise, so you do and then the river hits it is a 10d, the board now reads 10s-7d-5h-Jc-Jd. You are sure that your beat but equally sure your opponent is still on a weak hand in order to escape the hand and save some of your bankroll you check to your opponent, then your opponent pauses and then bets into you 4$. In disbelief you call […]