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The game is addictive, realistic, and cool. It takes place in World War II, Europe. Sudden Strike is about defending, attacking, killing and winning. The game gets boring after a long time.

Gameplay: Sudden Strike is one slice of a game. You really need strategy to win. Protect the Volga bridges from the Nazis or land the invasion of Normandy that happened decades ago. There are two things I dislike about Sudden Strike, 1)The units cross bridges dumbly, and 2)Soldiers who you command to cross a valley full of corpses actually LISTEN and get themselves KIAed. The game is easy to control and has thousands of units you control. AI can be bad.

Graphics: The graphics can be awesome. The Dutch-like European houses and farms, light, white snow terrain, and dark forests. The brown, dirty craters after battle, the LSTs, everything looks good.

Sound: The sound is beautiful in Sudden Strike. The exploding bombs from Russian planes, the whistle of mortars, and cries of dying men. The vroom of GMCs can be life-like.

Zoo Tycoon

This is a fun game!If you like zoos,you will love this.The animal animations are great and so are the sounds….you really feel like you are in a zoo when you play Zoo Tycoon.

There are a variety of landscapes and fencing to choose from,so the exhibits can be as realistic as you care to make them.You also have a wide variety of paths to choose from….from asphalt to cobblestone to yellow bricks.

The only gripe I have is that there aren’t enough animals that come with the original game………although you can find tons of user created animals on the web.

Gameplay: Zoo Tycoon has smooth and consistent game play…..each scenario starts out the same way…you need to put the food stands in and the amenities to make your guests happy…….and then you have to put your exhibits together. Depending on what scenario you are playing,the exhibits can be easy to quite difficult…each scenario gets progressively harder.The free form games are fun as well,there aren’t any time limits and you can make any kind of zoo you like.

Graphics: Very nice graphics.The animals are well drawn and the baby animals are quite appealing.The guests look good too….and the buildings are well thought out and look nice in Zoo Tycoon.

Sound: Great sound.The ambient sounds are realistic(I found out that these sounds came from actual zoos)…the animals make realistic sounds and the sounds of the merry go round is kind of fun to listen too.

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