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The turn comes out Jc, so now the board reads 10s-7d-5h-Jc, you decide to stay aggressive because you feel like at best now your opponent has middle pair and or a draw and with the right bet you can get him to fold. So you bet out in front of him 10$, he pauses for a moment calls your 10$ and re-raises you 5$ more. Now you really hate your hand but your poker instinct and pot odds is telling you to call his re-raise, so you do and then the river hits it is a 10d, the board now reads 10s-7d-5h-Jc-Jd.

You are sure that your beat but equally sure your opponent is still on a weak hand in order to escape the hand and save some of your bankroll you check to your opponent, then your opponent pauses and then bets into you 4$.

In disbelief you call the bet knowing that a pocket pair of two would beat you but your pot committed and now you’re just curious to what your opponent has and it won’t cost you much more, so you call. You both turn over your hands you have a pair of J’s with an A kicker and your opponent has two pair J’s and 10’s, his hole cards were 10-2 of diamonds. In utter frustration you type into the chat box “How could you call 4$ preflop with that rubbish, you must really suck.” But what you should really be thinking is how did he put that amazing read on me? It’s simple, you’re not mixing up your game.

This person who played 10d-2d against you has been watching you for the last 45 minutes; he has seen you win hand after hand with some tight aggressive play. At first sight he was probably very intimidated by your play until he started seeing you playing and betting pattern. Then he knew it was only a matter of time and position before he would get you in the right hand. So he was patient and he did, when you bet out 4$ preflop it wouldn’t have mattered what his hole cards were, they could have been 7-2 off suit and he would have called with the hopes of hitting a pair on the flop with no over cards. Then he would just ride you all the way to the river and milk you for everything he could. In that one hand you took you chip stack from 50$ to 23$. Because you failed to mix it up. If your play wasn’t so predictable he could have never made the initial call of 4$, but because you demonstrated only one type of play he was able to neutralize your momentum and worse yet take your chips.

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