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So should you be worried about cheating in online poker? The answer is mostly no. Online poker sites are making a killing from hand rakes and tournament fees, they don’t want to jeopardize this mega money with the chance of damage to their reputation. Most of your major sites have advanced encryption techniques and multi layered random number generators to ensure that hackers can’t see other’s cards or determine the shuffle. It has been several years since the last time someone hacked an online poker site and the technology has jumped leaps and bounds since then. However, some online poker cheating techniques still exist.

Several are covered below:

1) Collusion

This is the oldest form of cheating at poker and has made it’s way into the online poker world as well. This is when two or more players work together sharing information about their hands to gain the advantage over the other players. These players can talk on the phone, chat over the net, or sit side by side and share what cards they have and what they will do to try and get as much money from you as possible. Online Poker Sites do however have software that will alert their staff if suspicious activity is detected like two players who play together a lot, players who share IP addresses, players who appear to be working together through betting and raising patterns, and prolonged initial decisions before the flop which could also be a sign of players talking to each other.

2) Bots

Poker bots are software programs set up to play the game for you. They usually involve you setting some initial parameters about betting limits or starting hand strength and can basically play at cash tables hands free. While this may sound like the ultimate in cheating at online poker the truth is that even the most recent and advanced poker bots can’t win on a consistent basis. Even if these poker bots do ever become smart enough to win at online poker the problem would be that online poker sites are getting even better at detecting them and are quick to suspend those people’s accounts, seize their money, and ban them from future play.

3) Software

Some sites out there claim they have special software that can “see” the other players’ cards and can even determine what cards will come on the flop, turn, or river. Beware of people trying to sell you such software. These claims are totally bogus. Again, online poker sites are making a lot of money setting up poker games for all of us and have plenty of resources and people to make sure their software is secure and un-hackable. The most advanced software out there that actually works is only a bot that can collude with other bots at the table (kind of like a combination of 1) and 2)). Even this program is said to have many flaws and also not capable of winning on a consistent basis. On top of that, your major poker sites have already determined a way to trace the program and will suspend your account and seize any of your winnings if they detect you are playing with it.

About the best thing you can do to improve your odds at winning at online poker is to include the use of a poker odds calculator. While these programs were once complicated and time consuming to use, some newer, more advanced poker odds calculators have been released lately that are a breeze to use. The best poker odds calculators out there input all the data from the table automatically and display real-time results showing all the possibilities of different hands and can even give rather good betting advice.

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