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Team Fortress Classic is a classic. A classic. Did you know Team Fortress is responsible for starting team play in online games? And also introduced drivable vehicles? The online community has so much to be thankful for. Gameplay: You choose from 2 different tribes to play from. You are loyal to your tribe. But it doesn’t stop there. You can also choose from several class systems within a tribe, among them Medic, Soldier, Team Captain, Radio Operator, and Pilot. You work together playing off your strengths and weaknesses to capture the others teams flag and get points. Sometimes, you can be a scout and get the flag over and over so you get the most points on your team then when the map is over you can say “I win.” and mean it. Who can argue with the guy with the most points? Now you feel good about yourself and […]

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The game is addictive, realistic, and cool. It takes place in World War II, Europe. Sudden Strike is about defending, attacking, killing and winning. The game gets boring after a long time. Gameplay: Sudden Strike is one slice of a game. You really need strategy to win. Protect the Volga bridges from the Nazis or land the invasion of Normandy that happened decades ago. There are two things I dislike about Sudden Strike, 1)The units cross bridges dumbly, and 2)Soldiers who you command to cross a valley full of corpses actually LISTEN and get themselves KIAed. The game is easy to control and has thousands of units you control. AI can be bad. Graphics: The graphics can be awesome. The Dutch-like European houses and farms, light, white snow terrain, and dark forests. The brown, dirty craters after battle, the LSTs, everything looks good. Sound: The sound is beautiful in Sudden […]