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So you have all these different ideas none of them really linked together so there’s no coherence to this paragraph and in terms of the overall essay there’s still no coherence because all the ideas are too random okay now I’m going to fix this paragraph I fixed it two ways because there are two things you can do one you can keep all those separate ideas and create an umbrella topic for them and the second way is just keep one topic and elaborate on it so to begin with enhancing the quality of public transportation would lead to many benefits very general topic sentence but the focus is benefits now I can list benefits firstly on as a car sorry as owning a car is very expensive many citizens depend daily on public transportation now I need to elaborate I need to explain a little bit and an […]

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What does an argue it mean it means your informed opinion but here’s some of the others a thesis I just think any moment now a whole batch of new first years are going to be arriving into our faculty and they didn’t expect throughout a thesis for their first essay okay that’s sort of kind of reasonable yeah I used to that one this one I would find real I’m not really any further on than I was before and I love that one that final one yeah these were all good people and I’m sure with students push them the students would have got a lot more information but I think a major reason for our second-year students for example being confused about expectations is that staff weren’t all using the same language when they talk to them. Well let’s just have a quick look at a sort […]

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When you understand that students can view that by the way this question is googled 3,000 times each month though the tips are something like go for a walk call your friend or go to sleep and maybe people dream of what you have to write and you understand that all this relates to creative writing although as this requires some creative input they actually more of a process yes you have to take steps and you will actually finish having the product what I have mentioned already is stop talking about writing and start writing there is a popular meme in the students problems when a student is clothing taps on how to write and have seen one hour how to write 200 and see how to write a 500 essay and so on how to write an angry multi diversity to boost your focus and sub-1 all that […]